Pim Bergkamp

Pim Bergkamp developed a love for radio at the age of 15. Our best guess is that his first ‘serious’ efforts must have been shortly after that. But whatever was to become of a young boy who’s radio aspirations where to big for the small town he was living in?

At the end of 1986 opportunity knocked. Counterpoint FM, a brand new radiostation in Amsterdam, started on 90.6FM. This was the station he had been waiting for, this was the station he wanted to be part of and in February of 1987 he started a new career in radio. Counterpoint started out a hitradio station but as the decade changed so did the format.

Counterpoint HiFreakFM switched to an urban format. This is when Pim started out as the host of the Counterpoint Digital Trax, a weekly chart show which was broadcasted every sunday afternoon. Pim also worked for other Amsterdam FM based radiostations like Hot FM and Dance FM. Today, after having done his share for a variety of webstations, he finally has found a home here at the Amsterdam Funk Channel. It’s a huge opportunity to combine all of the roads musically taken so far.

On-Air times :
Fridays 08:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Pim’s Friday)
Sundays 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Quiet Storm)

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