Pure, Funky and stubborn for over a decade

If there’s one thing you can say about Amsterdam Funk Channel is that we’re really don’t do anything by the book. Driven by passion, the love for funky soul music and a truckload of stubbornness, we managed to not only survive but strive.

“You should play more new music to keep it interesting for the listeners”

“Hosted shows should be in English because you have listeners world wide”

“You can’t play the same format 24/7”

Just a few friendly pointers from the competition… We didn’t listen. We’re not in the listening business. We’re in the listened-to business.

More than ten years after the launch of Amsterdam Funk Channel, on Friday, October 1st 2010 at 6pm, we’re still one of the most popular and listened to radio stations in our genre. Leaving even commercial or subsidized radio stations far behind us.

We give you… Our middle finger, with love. Please stay tuned for at least another decade and keep listening to our stubborn yet Pure Funky Grooves at the Amsterdam Funk Channel. 😉

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